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_DerekFord_SoHo_event21601212024webBootstrap Marketing: Essence, Insight, and Execution

Marc Stoiber’s 8 AM opening keynote at SOHO woke up sleepy delegates with a fresh spritz of imagery. He grabbed our attention with a story about dog treats, Scaredy Cat dog treats, to be exact, and launched us into Bootstrap Marketing 101.

Marc owned the stage immediately with his smart, funny presentation, illustrating his themes of Essence, Insight and Execution against a backdrop of eclectic and entertaining slides that included photos of Rocky Balboa and Albert Einstein!

He told us why we should turn off our computers and forget about tactics like blogs, SEO, press releases, etc. Marc asked us to instead, think about our business – about what we do and, most importantly, why we do it.

“Stop and think about the problem sitting right in front of you.”

He was talking to us about marketing, but he wasn’t discussing it in a way that this listener had heard before. He was asking us to go back to basics. To think about, talk to and listen to the customer, and in doing so, determine how our business brand affects our customer.

What did he mean?

Define the essence of your business, Marc said, and find where it fits in the mind of your client. What does your customer not have that you can give?

Then ask yourself if the essence of your business is natural, if it’s important, and if it is easy or hard to compete with?

And what about insight?

Insight is about understanding the ongoing changes in technology, culture, demographics, etc. Think about how your brand will hold up against future change.

And execution?

Think through the fundamentals of essence and insight before executing any ideas.

Too many businesses jump straight to the execution of a poorly planned idea without working through the fundamentals.

Marc’s advice that I took away?

If you get back to the fundamentals, understand your brand, know your audience, and use the world around you as a canvas for a great creative execution, you’ll do great things.

You can find Marc Stoiber’s talk and accompanying slides here.

Thanks Marc!

sf-RosemaryWhite1601229922webRosemary works for bWEST Interactive as a researcher and writer producing content for a wide range of clients from retail and tourism to auto repair and wellness.

Besides writing for social media, she enjoys research, blogging, networking, teaching children, and long-distance motorcycling. Proud to be British by birth and Canadian by choice, Rosemary makes her home in Toronto, Ontario where she continues to explore ways to get her beloved, but very large, red poodle Robbie to join her on motorcycle adventures. 

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