Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable discussions will be lead by industry experts. Each table will have a specific topic.

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Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable discussions will be lead by industry experts. Each session will be 40 minutes.  Each table will have a specific topic and accommodate up to 9 participants on a first-come-first-served basis.

Check the agenda for session times.

SEO, Content Marketing and WordPress – Chris Whiteley, bWEST Interactive

A discussion about WordPress development and troubleshooting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Blogging/Content Marketing strategy.  Chris can help you with keeping your WordPress site secure; the most effective SEO tactic for attracting quality website traffic; and content marketing to develop qualified leads.

How to Get Media Coverage for Your Business 

This discussion is for those interested in getting television, radio, newspaper or online coverage for their business; or who want to be interviewed as an expert in their field but don’t know where to start. Baila will cover what editors, producers and online publishers look for in story ideas; how to connect your expertise to trends to achieve media success; and how to properly pitch to get your story ideas noticed.

Don’t Be Overwhelmed by eCommerce 

A discussion about what it takes to get your business eCommerce ready. Mands will help you with:

  • Shopify – setup considerations
  • Products – what do you need to know
  • eCommerce – what are your options
  • Strategy – using your business model to set yourself apart

Social Media Fundamentals 

Loa’s round table discussion will dive into the fundamentals designing, implementing and managing PR and social media campaigns in business-to-business and business-to-consumer environments. 

Building a Solid Financial Plan 

In this session we’ll explore many areas that advice can bring value to your business and personal finances.  We will discuss the challenges and opportunities business owners have, and the tools they should be aware of to get and stay ahead.

Disaster Recovery Planning (Data Backup and Recovery) for Small Business

A discussion about how to plan for disasters that could destroy all the data of your Small and Medium Business.  Topics include but are not limited to Backup Methods/Tactics, Possible Threats like Ransomware and Steps to Recovery.

The Only Way To Get Everything Done – Delegate! – Clemens Rettich, Great Performances Group

Go from self-employed to business owner to business grower. This round table looks at the most important question: “Why own a business?” Delegation is at the heart of the answer. Work with purpose, reduce stress, get what matters done. Learn how to delegate.

Is it time to hire your first employee?

As a solopreneur, your workload can be overwhelming. How do you decide on the right time to hire your first employee? This discussion will help you determine whether hiring an employee is the best solution or if another option is better, what factors affect the value an employee can bring to your business, and what the costs are. We will discuss the questions to ask and the information you will need to make the decision.