Alex Glassey

Alex Glassey

Author ~ "Customer Dreams"

Alex Glassey is a business humanist. Someone who believes passionately in the creative energy of small business owners. Who works to unleash this energy through his teaching, speaking, and advisory work. Alex has also created many resources for small business owners including StratPad, EnBA and his latest book, Customer Dreams.

He has started, grown and sold four businesses. Is connected to over 100,000 entrepreneurs in over 100 countries. Speaks and advises around the world. And loves what he does.

Worth Its Weight In Gold

Every entrepreneur’s business – including yours – has a treasure that is quite literally worth its weight in gold.

Join Alex Glassey on a real-life expedition to explore, discover, and bring home an extraordinary find. Learn the precise steps that will help you realize the full value of your business’s treasure.

Start the SOHO Conference with a renewed sense of purpose and a clear direction for the day – and the year.