Brent Hammond

Brent Hammond

Trailblazer Business Consulting

Brent Hammond is the founder and CEO of Trailblazer Business Consulting. He helps ambitious entrepreneurs build their dream businesses around the way they’re wired.

Brent has over 25 years of experience in business and personal development. He built his previous company — million-dollar food delivery company Fresh Piks Organics — from the ground up. For the past nine years he’s helped entrepreneurs and startups build out their business visions.


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In Person

When he’s not working with fellow entrepreneurs, you might find Brent off the grid (like on his recent trip to Rarotonga) or up to his neck in cold water (at the annual Polar Bear Swim, among other places).

In Business

Instagram: @brent_hammond


Work the Way You’re Wired to Boost Profit, Passion & Productivity

Working the way you’re wired can revolutionize your life. It turns the usual business paradigm on its head, shifting from focusing only on what you do, and instead— as the founder and leader of your business— looking more closely at who you are.

How can you use your unique traits to transform your business from the inside out? How can you leverage your challenges to accelerate productivity and profits?

In this interactive, personalized workshop we’ll explore these questions and what they mean for your business. You’ll experience coaching from a way-you’re-wired perspective— how to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be — and reprogram your understanding of what it takes to be successful.