Catherine Olchowy

Catherine Olchowy

Boldly Reach Your Goals Consulting

Catherine Olchowy is the owner of Boldly Reach Your Goals Consulting, an HR Consulting firm that provides on-demand and targeted HR services to small and medium sized businesses on Vancouver Island.  She combines her experience as a leader of a medium sized software company for over 7 years with her training in the Birkman Method®, strategic planning, HR and change management.  She helps her clients reach their business goals by accessing untapped opportunities they have in their HR processes and within their teams.  She has years of experience successfully supporting great business leaders and building strategically aligned HR systems.
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HR Fundamentals

HR is a foundational part of your organization.  After all, we all are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with.  Get advice on your burning Human Resource questions like: 
  • I have never hired before… how do I do it well?
  • Do I have the right documents in place to be compliant in my HR? 
  • What does my team or staff member need from me to be successful?  I’ve tried everything!
  • How can I safely help a team member to move on to a new adventure? 
  • Do I have to pay stat holidays, overtime, etc…?  How do I figure this out?

I’m here to help, whatever your HR question.