Clemens Rettich

Clemens Rettich

The Great Performances Group

Clemens is the principal consultant and trainer with the Great Performances Group, and the author of Great Performances: The Small Business Script for the 21st Century.

Clemens’s work is improving performance, and developing exit strategies, for business owners of trades, construction, manufacturing, and retail businesses. Clemens also builds management and performance capacity for stage-three startups.

Clemens has an MBA in Executive Management from Royal Roads University, and 25 years of experience coaching, facilitating, and mentoring in business, community, and arts organizations.

Clemens and the Great Performances Group work with clients across North America. Clemens has worked in sales in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. He is a contract instructor at the Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria, and the Growth columnist for Douglas Magazine.

And cocktails. A passionate mixologist, Clemens believes many of life’s answers can be found in a great classic cocktail.


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Clemens believes many of life’s answers lie in a great classic cocktail. Two, if the question is really hard.  Connecting over lunch or breakfast trumps ‘coffee’ every time.

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Winning With The Irresistible Message

There are thousands of messages business owners can use to sell their products and grow their businesses. But there is only one siren song.

Since the 19th century, success in business has been driven by one siren song each. These are one or two messages, so central to the psychology of a time, they are irresistible, and they drive sales and business growth
faster and more sustainably than any other. Those businesses that mastered these irresistible messages, quite simply, won.

In the 19th century the siren song was ‘labour-saving devices/automation’ and ‘middle class status through consumption’. In the 20th century it was ‘convenience’ and ‘actualization through consumption’.

In the 21st century the irresistible messages are ‘trust’ and ‘attention’. The business that builds the greatest amount of trust, and is able to pay the most attention to its customers and team members, wins. They will win consistently, sustainably, and completely. They will, in one of the cliches of the tech startup world, “crush it.”

Trust and attention don’t require you to be a certain size or have certain resources; any business, of any size, in any industry, can win. Trust and attention don’t require massive infrastructure, huge capital, or any of the
other barriers of our industrial past. We have landed in the golden age of the startup and the small business.

By doing just a few things right, the owner of any business, of any size, can ‘have it all’. As with the siren songs of previous centuries, getting trust and attention right, gives you the keys to the kingdom.


What SOHO Entrepreneurs will learn in Clemens’ session:

  • How the irresistible message is the ultimate tool for creating productive, engaged workplaces.
  • Why trust and attention are the business-fueling siren songs of the 21st century.
  • How the irresistible message drives (or rather pulls) all other performance in a business: marketing and sales, cash flow, human resources and management, and systems and strategies.
  • How the irresistible message is critical in the only form of marketing that matters: marketing for repeat and referred business.