David Knapp-Fisher

David Knapp-Fisher

Connectivity Ninja

Spending 30+ years wearing the multiple hats of owner, manager and corporate trainer in both hospitality and sales, David Knapp-Fisher knows the importance and value of connecting with passionate, like-minded people. In fact, this idea of “personal connection” is the very cornerstone of all the work David does with clients today.

As a self-described “Traveller, Writer and Storyteller” David has conducted personal development sessions across Canada for both small businesses and big hotel chains alike, and presented keynote addresses for charitable organizations including Victoria Y.E.S. Society and Muscular Dystrophy Canada.

In 2015 David had the opportunity to speak on the TEDx Stanley Park stage where his talk “Discipline or Regret: A Father’s Choice” received a standing ovation.

David writes, speaks and facilitates workshops about personal development strategies, emphasizing the importance of stepping out of comfort zones to truly connect with those around us.

He firmly believes that by developing a few simple habits anyone can attract infinite opportunities for growth; better still, they can create a richly rewarding and satisfying life-experience for all those involved.

When not connecting, speaking or training, David can be found blogging, hanging out with family or travelling the world in search of (a) exotic adventures, (b) great coffee and (c) epic hot beach/cold beer combinations.

Secrets of a Connectivity Ninja

At many conferences, attendee’s often ignore the most accessible support and expertise that every event offers – this being their fellow attendees who share similar interests, skills, problems, as well as solutions to those problems. 

Connectivity Ninja and super-connector David Knapp-Fisher, sets us up for a successful day by demonstrating how to quickly harness the power of connection, and then use it to truly connect with those around us. David shows us how to grow our tribe of like-minded problem solvers, partners and friends in an instant; a skill that serves us both at the event, and in life.