Jim Bottomley

Jim Bottomley

Future Success Strategies for Small Business Owners

From Fortune 500s to non-profits, Jim Bottomley has providing insight into how technical, social, economic, and demographic trends are shaping the years ahead. Previously, Jim managed marketing programs for well-known brands such as Life Cereal, and has launched new products such as Kibbles ‘n Bits, Pounce Cat Treats and specialized software for the Economic Development profession. A consultant for over 30 years, working within many sectors, Jim can suggest innovative strategies that cross boundaries. Jim is a graduate of the Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario and previously lived in Ontario and Alberta.

He and his wife Deb, recently chose the Victoria area to live.

Jim also owns several businesses, including entries in technology, finance, retail and service categories. He is a partner in the Breken Group, combining strategic planning and marketing strategy development with award-winning integrated ebusiness solutions, sold internationally.
As a futurist, Mr. Bottomley looks at trends with a unique spin. Whereas some specialize in demographics, others, social or technical trends, Jim is able to combine trend categories. Real insight into innovation comes from trend convergence, enabling businesses to identify opportunities, potential new product and service offerings and to better focus future efforts coping with the stress of change.

Jim’s consulting experience includes:
• Facilitating visioning and planning exercises for small business clients in many sectors, helping them achieve growth, obtain financing and plan successful strategy
• Through Entreco Corporation and others, training entrepreneurs, successfully launching over 2,000 businesses while utilizing Jim’s unique 4-D Planning model

Jim has performed trend analysis, new product development, helped boost marketing and sales results and facilitated organizational change.


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Future Success Strategies for SOHOs

Jim Bottomley is a serial entrepreneur (seven startups), management consultant and futurist who has advised businesses across sectors. Jim owns businesses in software development, services and consulting and has sold companies in retail, technology and finance. Jim’s unique thinking models will enable SOHO businesses to develop innovative plans for future success and he has offered this insight to over 270,000 audience members.

Jim will demonstrate the power of focusing on developing Better Benefits (ways to meet future needs in better ways) and leads planning efforts with these unique methods

At SOHO Summit 2018, Jim will provide growing businesses with specific advice to enhance company growth and profits, focusing on planning, branding, marketing and sales. Get fired up about your future!

Questions Business owners can ask themselves to prepare for Jim’s Keynote at SOHO 2018:

You meet your best potential customer on an elevator. She asks you, “What business are you in? What is your answer?

What trends are affecting your future business success? Opportunities and/or threats you must deal with?

What strategies are you considering to make your business more successful in future?