Loa Fridfinnson

Loa Fridfinnson

Activ8 Corporate Relations

17+ years working with emerging public and private companies, and non-profit organizations across Canada has given me a well rounded perspective on a constantly changing business environment.

With years of experience in designing, implementing and managing marketing, PR and social media campaigns in business-to-business and business-to-consumer environments, I’ve obtained a sizable amount of marketing knowledge and skill, established a strong business network and have various resources that are shared to benefit each client.

I’m an educator in the area of digital media helping business owners and executives learn how to effectively communicate online, I speak at industry conferences, and have been a guest lecturer on the topic of public relations at UBC’s Sauder School of Business MBA Program and at SFU Enactus Entrepreneur of the Year program for marketing and digital media.

As an author, I’ve been published in international and regional trade magazines on best practices in social media, and investor and public relations.

Round Table Discussion

Social Media Fundamentals

If you are running a business, you are most likely aware of the importance that social media plays in our daily lives at work and personally.  As consumers and business buyers 85% of Canadians are online searching, sharing and posting on experiences that we are having with other people, brands and causes.  What a potential buyers sees in social media and on a corporate website related to an individual or company influences their decision on whether or not to do business with that particular “brand”.

During this session, Loa will explain how small businesses can utilize these ready-made online communities where like-minded people are talking about topics of interest that are relevant to what your business does. We’ll discuss what makes for good online conversations and how to attract more business to build deeper relationships with customers and prospects.  

Online etiquette is also a must in order to feel comfortable in social channels knowing you won’t look like a newbie and can offer information that will position you as the expert in your field.  And finally, there are great free tools that make social media more manageable from a time perspective that include the ability to track performance so that you can be most efficient with your online marketing efforts.