Mands Burnette

Mands Burnette

Mands has a background in Business + formal education design  and is is an expert in eCommerce and Customer Experience.  As former Shopify guru + support agent for a theme development company, Mands has worked with thousands of business owners over the years and seen it all.

Mands has been helping small business owners how to successfully grow their businesses for a decade. Teaching entrepreneurs how to build and grow their business is her jam! 

Mands is packed full of knowledge + ready to give you all the tips, tricks + information that you could ever want to grow your business. She’s a firm believer that you can have everything that you’ve ever wanted in a business (and life), you just need to know the steps to apply to get there. Growing your business doesn’t have to be hard, as long as you are focused on the right things + taking actionable steps. 

Don’t be Overwhelmed by eCommerce

Linda Biggs, & Mands Burnette,

If your thinking about moving your brick and mortar shop online or if you currently have an online store and want to get the most out of it, come join us for a discussion around eCommerce strategies that can help.