Marc Stoiber

Marc Stoiber

Marc Stoiber Enterprises

In the words of a client, Marc takes overly complex brand ideas, strips them back to their essence, and gives them the magic that makes you believe again.

He’s been doing it for 25 years. He’s done it for some of the biggest names in fast moving consumer goods. And he never gets tired of it.

Marc got his start as a copywriter for Longines Watches in Switzerland, then migrated to Grey Advertising Hong Kong, BBDO Germany, and Palmer Jarvis DDB Vancouver. At PJ he was promoted to Creative Director and went on to win pretty much every piece of shiny ad award metal there is (including two Gold Cannes Lions). He was then tapped to help turn the fortunes of Grey Canada. Although the mission was successful (and one of his accounts, Mr. Clean, was named Procter & Gamble’s Worldwide Turnaround of the year) big agency work was too stressful…so he started his own company. He ran his green ad agency Change for 5 years, sold it, then went on his own as a consultant, entrepreneur and public speaker.

Today, he busies himself helping tech and new economy entrepreneurs create brands, launching his own startups, and preaching the good brand word at every conference he can.

He’s an award-winning author, prolific blogger, part time uni prof, and old-school pool and pipe skateboarder.

His mission is to spread the enthusiasm and magic of simple, inspiring messages, whether they’re attached to brands or people.


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The future doesn’t belong to dinosaur corporations, but nimble, fast-moving entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs like yourself.

Big or small, though, every successful company needs a powerful brand to stand out.

In my experience, entrepreneurial companies and scrappy startups have little time or patience for ad agencies. But they aren’t equipped to create effective, powerful brands on their own.

For them, I’ve created BrandDIY – a learning platform that walks you through the fundamentals of brand creation and leaves you with a robust brand that will guide your company and resonate with consumers.

In this presentation, I take you through the highlights of BrandDIY, and leave you with rock solid tips you can use to build a better brand for your company – immediately.


  1. The truth is out there – ask: You have an innate understanding of your brand. But so do your fans. Ask them, and they shall tell.
  2. The story is magic – Certainly, your story should be inspiring. But what about your customer’s story? Or the market’s story?
  3. Experience it – Your name, how the name is modified, your graphics…and above all, the experience you give your customer are what make your brand truly magical.