Megan Bermand

Megan Bermand

Bermand College: Canadian College of English Language & Career Development

Megan is a multi-talented and well-traveled individual, whose entrepreneurial spark drives her from one successful venture to another. After receiving her bachelor of biochemistry from the University of Connecticut, USA in 1994, she returned to her home country, where she taught English for seven years, utilizing her communication talents to impart knowledge on grateful students. Not sufficed to simply teach, Megan's entrepreneur spirit kicked in, and she opened and directed her own language and career development college and bilingual elementary school. Not only has she worked as an entrepreneur, but she has also followed her passion to become a personal trainer, a chef, a wife, and a mother. She has traveled to 22 different countries, has been married for 21 years and has been a mother for 16 years. In 2015, after studying for her MBA at the University of Newcastle in Australia, Megan moved to Victoria. In this short time span she has managed to update her TESL certificate, renew her personal training certificate, work as an English teacher at the University of Victoria, at the same time as opening her own restaurant, founding her own online private college, and all the while volunteering as the head coach for the special Olympics athletic club. Megan's successes are only rivaled by her drive to continually achieve more. Her experiences in such a variety of fields prove her ability to overcome obstacles and face any challenges head-on. With such an array of worldly experiences and varied talents, Megan can help any business owner achieve their dreams. Connect with Megan In Person I enjoy face to face interaction. It boosts collaboration and creativity through the ability to share ideas more freely. In order for a business to succeed, it requires interpersonal communication and emotional intelligence. If your clients and/or your employees don’t feel connected, it can be hard to understand the needs of one another. In Business    

What You Need to Be successful in Business as an Immigrant

Starting a business can be both exciting and overwhelming. I can help you make a smart start by guiding you through compliance obligations as well as nurture the entrepreneur within. I will also assist you to clarify your reason for starting a business (your “why?”), shape your goals and set you on a clear path to success. 1-1 Expert Topics:

  • Doing your research
  • Compliance - the start-up basics including Business number, registering your business name, business structures, and insurance requirements
  • Nurturing the entrepreneur - testing ideas, designing your products and services, and setting and achieving goals
  • Setting up your business location
  • Branding and promoting your business
  • Challenges and how to master them
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