Mia Maki

Mia Maki

University of Victoria

Mia is faculty with the University of Victoria, Gustavson School of Business and Gill Graduate School and is a consultant through Quimper Consulting Inc. Formerly Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer for a Victoria-based technology company, Mia has assisted in raising over $50 million in funds and in international initiatives including acquisitions (United States), strategic partnerships (Japan) and joint subsidiary creation (Europe).

Mia has been mentoring entrepreneurs, start-up and early stage companies for over 10 years through the University of Victoria, as an independent consultant and as an accredited mentor in the BCIC VIATeC MVP Program.

Mia has served as a Board member or Advisory Board member with VIATeC (Victoria Advanced Technology Association), MITACS (Mathematics, Information Technology and Complex Systems), CMA Canada -British Columbia, CMA Canada (Council of Chairs) and currently serves on the Board of the Victoria Foundation, Archipelago Marine Research and CPA Western School of Business.

Advisory Boards - Advantages, Set-Up & Utilization

The panel will cover the advantages of having an advisory board, when and how to set one up, and how to utilize your board effectively.

Mia’s co-panelists are:

  • Mark Grambart: Executive in Residence at┬áVIATEC
  • Alex Glassey: CEO, StratPad. Author of “Customer Dreams”