Mike Walker & Amanda Eyolfson

Mike Walker & Amanda Eyolfson


Mike Walker & Amanda Eyolfson met while enrolled at BCIT’s Broadcast Journalist Program, and worked together on a student project under the banner of “Roll.Focus. Productions”. After graduation, Mike returned to the Island to take an anchor position CHEK, while Amanda served as Media Relations Manager at Tourism Victoria – but in 2015 the pair decided to step away from those roles to bring their expertise in television and marketing to the Roll.Focus. brand once again.

So You’re Sleeping With Your Business Partner

A unique panel of couples who run  businesses together and haven’t killed each other – yet.

Whether your partner in business is also your partner in life or not, this panel discussion will provide valuable insight for any business owner who wants to pick up some tips for creating and sustaining solid relationships at work. If these panelists who work together AND sleep together can do it, anyone can – right?!

This light-hearted panel will also dig deep into the “myth” of work/life balance, communication challenges, defining roles within the partnership at home AND at work, separating “church and state” and how to decide who gets to knock off early for the big game or the school play.

Featuring three couples who have found success both building a business and building a life together  —  Rebecca and Tom run both a marketing company and a fledgling non-profit and started working together just weeks into dating. Dennis and Ally partnered in marriage and in their successful Real Estate firm over their shared love for each other and the people they serve. Mike & Amanda are newlyweds who met at Broadcast Journalism School and became partners in their video production company before they even tied the knot.

Mike and Amanda’s co-panelists are:

  • Tom Hudock, Summit at the Pier and Love Campaigns
  • Dennis & Ally Guevin, DFH Real Estate