Neil Belenkie

Neil Belenkie

CEO, The $2,000 Coffee

Neil is a winner of Business in Vancouver Magazine’s 2011 Top 40 Under 40, and has a track record of success growing businesses and generating previously-unachievable revenues including:

  • CEO of Sirona Biochem (TSX.V, OTC.QX) (Vancouver). In 18 months: raised $4.5M. Grew the market cap from $2.7M to $13M+ after dilution. 
  • CEO of TFChem (France). World class laboratory specializing in fluorination chemistry; creating, patenting and licensing innovative drugs and products for both pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications.

Neil is an alumnus of Harvard Business School, Queens Executive School of Business, the University of Calgary and Mount Royal University.

What Does a TRUMP Presidency Mean for Canadian Small Business Owners?

Trump’s stunning victory is sending shockwaves through the global business community – but what does it mean for small business owners in Canada? The implications could be significant. 

 Trump’s protectionist rhetoric, pledges to overhaul U.S trade relations and promises to tear up NAFTA will directly impact many Canadian small businesses – what will that mean to you? 

Harvard Business School Alumnus and CEO of The $20000 Coffee, Neil Belenkie will dissect the potential economic outcomes of  Trump Presidency and help small business owners prepare for potential policy changes on small business in Canada.