1-1 Expert Advisors

One-on-one coaching provided by industry experts is a highlight of SOHO Victoria.

1-1 Expert Advisors

One of the highlights of SOHO Victoria is 1-1 coaching provided by industry experts and is included free with your registration.

Whether you have a specific challenge you are facing in your business or something you’d like to understand better, you can get 1-1 time with an industry expert.

SOHO registrants can reserve a 15 minute time slot with the expert(s) of your choice. Time slots and a booking form will be posted in January.

Register NOW to ensure you don’t miss your chance to lock-in this incredible offer. You can choose from 14 different Expert Advisors including:

Colleen Hoggarth – Security House Accounting

What is Cloud Bookkeeping?

Do you carry your phone or tablet with you everywhere?  Why not use this device to manage invoices to customers, collect funds, and manage receipts from suppliers.  We will explore the new apps that our Team are using daily to make our clients lives easier.

Why You Need a Bookkeeper!

The new apps definitely make life easier, no more bits of paper.  But are you being compliant with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Minister of Finance and other government agencies.  Let’s explore what a bookkeeper should be doing for you.

Colleen helps give business owners confidence to take control of their paper and give them the confidence to choose an experienced bookkeeper.

Chris Whiteley – WordPress, SEO & Social Media Expert at bWEST Interactive.Chris Whiteley

Areas of expertise:

  • WordPress development, troubleshooting and training
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Blogging/Content Marketing strategy
  • Facebook and Instagram Advertising

Examples of questions Chris can answer:

  • How can I set my social channels up for success?
  • Is Facebook a good place to advertise for my small business?
  • How can I keep my WordPress site secure?
  • What is the most effective SEO tactic for attracting quality traffic to my website?
  • What is content marketing and how can it help my business?

Bob Vangenne – Corporate Lawyer 

Areas of expertise:

  • Small business growing pains.
  • Intellectual Property and e-commerce law.
  • Franchise and Licensing law.

Examples of questions Bob can answer:

  • What is business model is best for expanding my company?
  • When is the right time to incorporate?
  • How do I protect my ownership while expanding?
  • How do I protect my intellectual property?

Angela Cote – Franchise Growth Catalyst

As Canada’s only Franchise Growth Catalyst, Angela helps business owners explore whether franchising is the best method for growing their business. Her superpowers in this area stem from having grown up with the successful franchise company, M&M Meat Shops, which grew to over 470 locations across Canada and became an iconic Canadian brand.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Criteria for franchising a business
  • Steps to take to franchise a business
  • Most common mistakes franchisors make
  • Exploration of whether the franchise model is a fit as a growth strategy

In this session, Angela will customize her insights to the audience but could include:

  • Examples of the Diversity of Businesses Using the Franchise Model for Growth
  • Franchise vs Licensing vs Corporate Growth (and examples of each)
  • Franchising 101
  • Key Benefits of the Franchise Model
  • Biggest Mistakes Early Franchisors Make

Alisa Gamblin – The Belief Connection 

Alisa will customize her insights to the individual and the business.

Examples of Questions to ask:

  • How can my self-talk help me?
  • How do I get my employees to help create my vision?
  • How important are communication styles?
  • How to overcome doubt and be confident?
  • How to minimize stress?
  • How to create a positive mindset, when things are going wrong?
  • How important is it for me to know my employee’s values and beliefs? And how to align them with mine?
  • How to have a healthier staff so there is fewer sick days?

scott-rose1Scott Rose – Web Hosting & Smart Phone Expert and Owner of Coastalhosting.net

Areas of expertise:

  • Photography via Digital SLR medium
  • Smartphone photography for social media
  • Webhosting services
  • Digital Organization through cloud services ( Evernote, Google docs/drive, iCloud drive )

Examples of questions Scott can answer:

  • What to look for in a web hosting provider
  • How to purchase a domain name for your business through a registrar service
  • Loading up a traditional website through FTP service
  • Installing a content management based site from scratch ( wordpress / Drupal ) through CPANEL, the most popular site interface on the web

Andrew Shepherd – Founder, Vancouver Island Salt Co.

Areas of expertise:

  • Some real start up steps that wont cost much

  • An understanding of the different initial stages of business, and when its time to transition

  • Figuring out if you are a business owner or an entrepreneur

What to expect from a session with Andrew:

  • The big lesson here will be “it’s ok to say no”, being patient and having the confidence to wait for the right opportunities
  • You can do a lot on a $500 budget

steve-hutchinsonSteve Hutchinson – Media Planning and Buying Consultant, Treehouse Media

Areas of Expertise:

  • Media planning and buying using traditional media
  • Media planning and buying using digital media including Google Adwords & Facebook/Twitter Ads
  • Website Analytics
  • Online Conversion Optimization

Examples of questions that Steve can answer:

  • How do I estimate how much to spend on Search Engine Marketing?
  • What unique tools are available to optimize my online campaigns?
  • What online activities are essential for my success?
  • What media tools are best to reach my specific target audience?


Mina Haghighi – Start-Up Financing, FuturPreneur

Areas of expertise:

  • Financing and mentorship for young entrepreneurs between ages of 18-39
  • Business planning support to aspiring entrepreneurs in the start-up phase
  • Creating and fostering strong partnerships with key community and strategic partners

Examples of questions Mina can answer:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Youth Entrepreneurship
  • Mentoring
  • Start-up Financing