Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable discussions are all lead by industry experts. Each table will have a specific topic.

Closeup of multi racial business team having conversation in office

Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable discussions are lead by industry experts with years of experience in their various professions.

Roundtable sessions all have a specific topic and are between 40-45 minutes in duration. Each table can accommodate up to nine (9) participants on a first-come-first-served basis.

Check the agenda for session times.

SEO, Content Marketing and WordPress – Chris Whiteley, bWEST Interactive

A discussion about WordPress development and troubleshooting, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Blogging and Content Marketing strategy.

Chris aka “digital swiss army knife”, can help you with keeping your WordPress site secure; the most effective SEO tactic for attracting quality website traffic; and content marketing to develop qualified leads.

Cloud-Based Bookkeeping.  Colleen Hoggarth, Security House Accounting Inc.

What is Cloud Bookkeeping?

Do you carry your phone or tablet with you everywhere?  Why not use this device to manage invoices to customers, collect funds, and manage receipts from suppliers.  We will explore the new apps that our Team are using daily to make our clients lives easier.

Why You Need a Bookkeeper!

The new apps definitely make life easier, no more bits of paper.  But are you being compliant with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Minister of Finance and other government agencies.  Let’s explore what a bookkeeper should be doing for you.

This session will give business owners confidence to take control of their paper and give them the confidence to choose an experienced bookkeeper.

Be Bold and Ask  – Liza Rogers, Women’s Real Estate Network

How do you ASK for what you really need to succeed in business and in life?  So many of us are afraid to ASK, for help, support, money, time, resources and more because of our fear of rejection. Once you get past this fear, you can move to a new level of bold brilliance to define and clearly ASK for what you want and need.

There is a universal truth; people love to help if they can. Their first impulse is to give you what you need when you ASK. If they don’t have the interest, resources, or time, they will say no… and that’s OK.

How can people and business help you create what you’re meant to be creating if you haven’t directly ASKED them to?

There is no shame in ASKING there is only one of two outcomes – YES I will support your ASK or NO I won’t support your ASK.