Andrew Shepherd

Andrew Shepherd

Vancouver Island Salt Co.

Some people start a business on less than $500, Andrew started an Industry with an old pot, a pile of firewood and a lot hard work. Vancouver Island Salt Co, kick started the Canadian Sea Salt Industry in 2009 when Andrew began harvesting sea water on his Cowichan Valley property, and now over a dozen harvestries have popped up on Canadian coasts following his salty lead. As momentum began to build for the burgeoning industry Andrew has picked up regional and national acclaim being named One of Western Canada’s Top Forty Foodies Under Forty (Western Living Mag), One of Canada’s top 20 Food Artisans (Ace Artisan Incubator), BC Food Producer of the Year (Vanmag) and winning the Telus Small Business $100,000 Challenge….to name a few ūüôā Having just completed a major expansion, while moving the business to Oyster River (Comox Valley), Andrew is determined to lead the Canadian Sea Salt Industry to global prominence, and is well on his way to doing so.

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Twitter: @saltyandrew @VanIsleSalt
Instagram: @saltyandrew @vanislesalt @canadianseasalt

Proving Everyone Wrong

You need money to make money, you need money to make money…..blah, blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada……sometimes its hard to finance an idea¬†that hasn’t been done before, or hasn’t been done here before, but really these are the best new business ideas. Sometimes being 1st means your going¬†to struggle to get that initial belief from banks or investors, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get started. During this 1 on 1 session, Andrew will¬†take a look at your start up business, or start up idea and help you figure out how to get started with little or no capital (fair warning, the¬†sweat equity will be high…..very high). Starting with helping you understand if you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, Andrew will also discuss¬†leveraging earned media, being yourself on social media, being the face of a business, and when its time to step back and let your products be the¬†star of the show. Also open to discussing product placement and distribution, the initial foray into international sales, and the pros and cons of¬†direct sales vs wholesaling, this session can go wherever you want to take it.

Learning Outcomes: As they apply to your business/idea directly

– Some real start up steps that wont cost much

– An understanding of the different initial stages of business, and when its time to transition

– Knowing the true scope of your potential market

– Figuring out if you are a business owner or an entrepreneur