Angela Cote

Angela Cote

Franchise Growth Catalyst

As Canada’s only Franchise Growth Catalyst, Angela helps business owners explore whether franchising is the best method for growing their business. Her superpowers in this area stem from having grown up with the successful franchise company, M&M Meat Shops, which grew to over 470 locations across Canada and became an iconic Canadian brand.

Angela was involved in all areas of growing the business – everything from dressing up as Kelly Kabob at grand openings back in the 1980’s, to developing the chain across Western Canada in the late ‘90’s and then becoming a multi-unit franchisee on Vancouver Island in 2000. Having lived and breathed franchising (whether she wanted to or not!) combined with her business degree and her passion for working with entrepreneurs with a can-do attitude, Angela is a true expert in small business growth.

Using her customized F3 process, which incorporates her FRANCHISOR experience, FRANCHISEE perspective and her proprietary FRAMEWORK for Exponential Growth, Angela helps business owners get clarity on what is involved in growing their business and helps them implement the steps, saving them time, money and headaches. Angela works with a wide range of business owners exploring growth, leaving them clear and energized to take their business to the next level, whether through franchising or other methods.

Connect with Angela

How to Rock Biz Growth - Should I Expand Via Franchising, Licensing or Corporately?

Learn about whether franchising is a fit for your business, the alternate models, and what the first steps are to achieving exponential growth! #readysetgrow

In this session, Angela will customize her insights to the audience but could include:
➔ Examples of the Diversity of Businesses Using the Franchise Model for Growth
➔ Franchise vs Licensing vs Corporate Growth (and examples of each)
➔ How to Set a Business Up for Rockstar Growth Using Any Growth Strategy
➔ Franchising 101
➔ Key Benefits of the Franchise Model
➔ Criteria for Franchising
➔ DNA of a Franchisor
➔ Biggest Mistakes Early Franchisors Make

Learning Outcomes
1. The difference between licensing, franchising and corporate growth
2. How to determine whether or not franchising is a fit
3. Some rockstar steps to implement right now to get your business ready for growth