Angela Cote

Angela Cote

Angela Cote is a Business Growth and Franchise Specialist at

Angela helps franchisors and small business owners by applying her invaluable experience and expertise gained from growing up in her father’s business, M&M Food Market (formerly M&M Meat Shops). ¬†She helps business owners explore and implement the franchise model and helps established franchisors improve systems and overcome growth roadblocks.

Angela is also currently a multi-unit franchisee and has a deep understanding of what it is like to be a franchisee, which is critical to the success of a franchise system.

Angela offers a modern and customized approach, and she will motivate you with her energy and passion for helping you grow your business.

1-1 Expert Advisor

Areas of Expertise:

  • Exploration of whether the franchise model is a fit as a growth strategy
  • Criteria for franchising a business
  • Steps to take to franchise a business
  • Most common mistakes franchisors make
  • Small business growth
  • All industries including retail and service based businesses

Examples of Questions Angela Can Answer:

  • How should I set my business up if I know I want to use franchising for future growth?
  • Is franchising the best method of growth for my¬†business?
  • How much will it cost to franchise my business?
  • What are the personal traits and skills of a successful franchisor?
  • I’m thinking of buying into a franchise, what should I look for in a franchisor?
  • I’m an entrepreneur but want the backing of a brand – should I buy a franchise?