Chris Whiteley

Chris Whiteley

bWEST Interactive

I am a Web Developer, it’s what I eat, sleep, live, breathe. I focus on web development using WordPress as a content management system. Over the years I have created hundreds of websites which led to my preference to use WordPress as my main focus in web design.

Working with our clients I ensure that they are taking advantage of every opportunity online to help grow their business online.

As Web Director at bWEST, I have design, develop and manage web and online marketing projects for clients including Oak Bay Marine Group, Victoria Conservatory of Music, Island BMW, Victoria International Airport, Pennzoil Victoria, and Wallace Driving School and many more. From personal blogs to corporate websites, I find solutions to problems in imaginative ways.

Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

SEO is a mystical dark art.  At least that is what most Search Engine Marketers will have you believe. SEO can be as complex or as simple as you like. During this session we will work to simplify how the search engines work, and what you can do to improve how well your site ranks.
In this session we will work to debunk the following SEO beliefs:
  1. SEO is Complex and Involves High Level Technical Knowledge
  2. You don’t have the time or knowledge to try and improve my site SEO
  3. You need to rank #1 and be above all your competitors in order to be successful