Cynthia Lockrey

Cynthia Lockrey

How To Communications

Cynthia Lockrey is a storyteller and motivator. She is passionate about helping people find their voice so they can share their knowledge, stories and BE HEARD!

Having started her career as a newspaper editor, she understands the elements that make up a good story, and where the story gets lost in the telling.

When she jumped into public relations, she brought with her all the lessons learned and insights from working in the media. It is these insights, and experience gained over 20+ working in PR, that she’s passionate about sharing.

Cynthia is skilled at breaking down communications fundamentals into bite size and easy to implement pieces. She does this in her blogging, communications consulting, training and speaking. She is also the author of two books.

Cynthia lives in the Cowichan Valley with her husband and very busy two children.

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How to Present Like a Pro

This interactive session will help participants feel more confident, prepared and focused when presenting. We will discuss how to create presentations that connect with your audience, how much information is too much and the role of storytelling.

Other areas covered include an understanding of body language, best use of power point, as well as active listening skills.