Liza Rogers

Liza Rogers

WREN - Women's Real Estate Network

Liza Rogers is enthusiastic about small business here on the west coast… to put it mildly!

She relocated to Victoria less than four years ago, fell in love with her new home and started working on exciting start-ups such as Fish Eye Project and the Robert Bateman Centre.

In the last 18 months, Liza co-produced the inaugural hugely successful Victoria Real Estate Expo, took on a sales role at the new oceanside community of Spirit Bay and headed into the 2nd year with WREN – the Women’s Real Estate Network.

Throughout her career, she has mastered sales and marketing, public speaking, training, and managing in ever-changing environments. Her abundance of energy is derived from working with people. She says her best work is done under pressure with a smile on her face.

She’s comfortable working behind the scenes planning, or directly up front with clients and guests, crew, and volunteers. Liza has always been entrepreneurial and has moved between owning her own business and working at a ‘JOB’ full time. Although with her schedule now, a JOB is unlikely!

Every project she takes on involves building community and ensuring commitment to the three pillars of sustainability. In 2018, she is taking it to another level in order to engage and inspire more people. Her mission is to create extraordinary experiences for people on her path.

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Be Bold and ASK

How do you ASK for what you really need to succeed in business and in life? So many of us are afraid to ASK, for help, support, money, time, resources and more because of our fear of rejection. Once you get past this fear, you can move to a new level of bold brilliance to define and clearly ASK for what you want and need.

There is a universal truth; people love to help if they can. Their first impulse is to give you what you need when you ASK. If they don’t have the interest, resources, or time, they will say no… and that’s OK.

How can people and business help you create what you’re meant to be creating if you haven’t directly ASKED them to?

There is no shame in ASKING there is only one of two outcomes – YES I will support your ASK or NO I won’t support your ASK.

Session Participants will:

1) create their 30 to 60 second ASK pitch for potential investors, donors or funding applications;

2) video your social media ASK pitch to send potential investors or post directly on social media, please bring devices!

3) leave with a framework and a plan to develop future ASKs;

4) reduce the stress and stigma that you associate with ASKING

5) learn how to evaluate the impact of your ASK.

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