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Ly Siu

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Ly has more than 20 years of Benefits and Human Resources experience in both the private and public sector, having worked on all sides of the benefits world. She has experience working in an insurance company, third party administrator and various large Human Resources department managing all their benefits.

I can assist you and your small and medium-sized businesses with a customized and cost-effective benefit plan that gives you the greatest value, while meeting your organizational goals and budgets. My most important objective is to save you TIME and MONEY – so you can focus on managing your business operations.


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How to Run a Successful Home Office Business

Ly will be facilitating a Roundtable session for HOST – the Home Office Support Team.

HOST promotes and supports local home based businesses, small businesses and entrepreneurs in their personal and business growth. We meet monthly on the first Friday of every month and offer an active program of guest speakers, events and networking. For more information and to join, visit: