Melissa Huston

Melissa Huston

Huston & Krauss Financial Services

Melissa Huston is an independent Group Benefits Broker & Financial Planner (FPSC Level 1 Certificant). Recognizing that good health supports happiness and success in the workplace and at home, Melissa’s passion is to ensure everyone has adequate health care coverage that is both simple and affordable. Designed from a decade of experience in the financial industry, custom plans are available that include everything from prescriptions and dental coverage to protecting your savings and income from illness or injury.

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How to Run a Successful Home Office Business

Melissa will be facilitating a Roundtable session for HOST – the Home Office
Support Team.

HOST promotes and supports local home based businesses, small
businesses and entrepreneurs in their personal and business growth. We meet
monthly on the first Friday of every month and offer an active program of
guest speakers, events and networking. For more information and to join,