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Rosemarie Barnes

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Rosemarie Barnes is an International Speaker, 2-time Best Selling Author, and Executive Presentation Trainer leading others to Speak to Engage, Speak to Succeed. She holds degrees in Education, Music, and Drama from a number of Canadian Universities. Through her company, Confident Stages, she offers keynote addresses and break-out sessions on 1) Bridging the Generation Gaps in the 21st Century, and 2) Personal, Professional, and Corporate Confidence and Reinvention, among others. As an Executive Presentation Trainer, Rosemarie works with content, presentation, and delivery skills, and uses her vocal production expertise to empower all speakers to connect to their audiences with maximum impact and influence.


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Bridging the Generation Gaps

Who do you think has the more difficult job? Is it the Baby Boomers and Generation X trying to corral the free-wheeling Generation Y and Z, or is it the motivated Millennials trying to relieve their predecessors of the shackles of the status quo? What we have is the age-old adage of the square peg and the round hole, the result of which is becoming open chaos. There is no doubt that workplace needs and expectations have changed and it falls to the leaders to provide solutions.

This session will provide business leaders the opportunity to consider the following:

  1. Building bridges begins by accessing both the right and left hemispheres of the brain.
  2. Understanding dopamine responses is an excellent predictor of reactions
  3. Understanding that underlying values fuel behaviours
  4. The realization that WIIFM is more predominant that ever before, and now within a global setting.